Quail are the new chicken

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About Forsythe Farms

Established in 2015 Forsythe Farms LLC is the largest urban micro quail farm in Southern, California.  Our farm uses organic, regenerative, and permaculture techniques, which we believe these methods give our small land the best opportunity for our covey to produce the most delicious and stout eggs for consumption and hatching.  Our quail eggs and birds are for human consumption, your pets, or incubation.

Regenerative and Sustainable

In order to reduce waste, we recycle our containers.  Buy them once and reuse them as many times as you want or bring your own containers.


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New Products & Services

Digital download "Quail Raising & Husbandry Course"

Quail Feathers/Wings for art and your felines

Raw Quail Meat for your pets

In-person Quail Course - husbandry, raising, and butchering

Quail culling and cleaning


Contact Us

Email: theforsythefarms@gmail.com

Phone: 562-505-7700

Location: Norwalk, CA (livestock zoned area) 

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